Component Cables: A wii-ly big improvement.

The UPS man, one of my favorite people, delivered a special surprise to my doorstep today at lunch. Component cables for my Wii.

The first thing I did of course was fire up Zelda: Twilight Princess to do a visual inspection.

The improvement is so great that I could immediately discern a difference from the “teaser” image in the Wii game channel.

I’m impressed. Picture comparisons on the internet do NOT do the component cables justice. To be clear, I’m using a 42″ Panasonic Plasma. (TH42PWD8UK) for those who care.

Particle effects are sharper, easier to differentiate. They don’t blend into the environment like they did before.

The lighting is more realistic. It “glows” instead of the gradient-ish look it had before.

Colors overall are more vivid and warm.

Complex, rendered models like Link, Midna and enemies are the biggest improvement. Small details that I wasn’t aware of before (in Midna’s crown-type thing, for example) now stand out.

The only downside is that simple textures like rocks or grass are now painfully low resolution… but such is Nintendo.

Overall, the component cables are an ENORMOUS improvement and highly recommended (if you have a 480p-capable display.)

I haven’t included any photos. Why, you ask? Because quite simply I don’t believe you can really appreciate the difference unless you experience it in person.

Until next time.


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