Some Twilight Princess Thoughts…

So I’m at the boss of the 6th dungeon in Twilight Princess. The dungeon was quite long and and I just felt like going to bed and saving the boss until I was “fresher.” Boss battles are pretty epic and cinematic in TP, so I wanted to savor it.

TP really does borrow elements from all Zelda games. I won’t go into detail to avoid spoilers, but there are certain “functions” found in dungeons in Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, etc…

In the 6th dungeon, there is an extraordinary sword duel. During the duel, you are forced to use many if not all of the “secret sword techniques” you learn throughout the game. In that, the secret sauce of TP is revealed. The game is truly cinematic… shifting from cut-scene to game play seamlessly.

Wind Waker was good at bringing characters to life, but TP excels in making them REAL.

I’ve had an absolute blast playing TP so far (40 hours in) and I’m sad that I’m nearing the end.

TP is definately the most polished Zelda title to date and it shows from the personality of key characters right down to the customized control scheme of the wiimote.

Until next time.


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